New Website, New Company!

Please join me on my new site with my new company!

Thanks so much for all your support on this blog, as of today this blog will no longer be getting any new updates, however I have a whole new website where the kind of content you saw here, and loads more will be posted!

The new address:

Features, such as the charity initiative Power of the Penny will continue over to the new website.

It is not just a new website, I also run a company called the shp company where work with many individuals on a variety of different projects which will be shared on the new website as well as linked media accounts, such as the new Facebook page and YouTube Channel. Here’s a the links and see you on the new website:

Main Website:




Does This Mysterious Website Tease A Halo Announcement?

Does This Mysterious Website Tease A Halo Announcement?


Does This Mysterious Website Tease A Halo Announcement?


“Why Are There No Blue Dogs?”

Little Bird's Dad

20130904.BlueDog750Tuesday night, after the night shift nurses in the Hospice had dimmed the lights so everyone could settle in for the night, and after everyone left his side,  my Uncle Joe quietly passed away.

I never really got why folks were so impatient with Joe.  A lot of folks thought he was stupid – retarded was not an uncommon description.

In reality, he was just a goofy man.

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