It’s Movember: A Fan”tashe”ic Month!

4 Mothers

groucho-marx-401923_640It’s that time of year again, the first week of November.

There’s a chill in the air and men across the land are starting to grow a lower brow, a cookie duster, a bro-mo . . . a moustache.

These men are not trying to dodge winter’s wrath by sporting a lip sweater.  No, no.  These are manly men united in their upper lipholstery to raise awareness and money for men’s health.

Two Australian men started Movember over a pint, pondering the whereabouts of the “mo”?  Where’d it go?  Inspired by a friend’s mother who was tirelessly raising money and awareness for breast cancer research the gentlemen decided to “change the face” of men’s health.  Since 2003 Movember has gone international.  Last year 42.6 million dollars was raised by men (Mo Bros) and women (Mo Sistas) from just across Canada; benefitting organizations like Prostate Cancer Canada.

This month my normally…

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A few last updates

If you did miss any of this sites previous updates, the new blog for the Stufforium will be hosted at

This blog may turn into a new project at some point, or it may be left as an archive for the Stuff! projects blog posts.


The power of a penny (POP!)

One thing that, due to some unfortunate errors within this blog that I was unable to continue as hopped was the POP (Power of a penny) campaign. I never got to thank the last penny donations before this blog became inactive, so I know its very late, but as posting on this blog is fine once again, here’s my thanks to the last of POP:

Many thanks to: Isabelle Smith and Ann Stuart

You donations were passed on to the Bedrock charity.

Interested in taking part in POP? Well. the campaign will be starting up again on the Stufforium blog soon! Thanks, lets help show how even just a penny can so quickly add up, especially with the more who get behind it, to make a difference for many causes around the world.

Lastly, other features that began in this blog as a Stuff! project will be carried on to the new Stufforium blog, features such as the round up of five great singers, that started with Laura Broad and will continue with choice number two. As the features are continued over on the Stufforium blog, we will recap what’s gone on here to help avoid confusion.

As always, let us know all your feedback, and please come and join me over on the Stufforium blog:

Catch you soon, hope you have a great week

-Ben Stuart


A Slight Change of plan

Hi. Their has been a slight change of plan on the StuffBlogged front. If you look a few posts down you may see where it was mentioned that StuffBlogged would be moving over to and evolving into a new blog. This will still be happening soon. Also all the competitions and other features mentioned that were set to take part at a certain date still will, just at different dates until the new blog is set up. Sorry about that, it’s just due to a delay in getting the new blog going.

But thinking on this very blog, I decided not to finish this blog for good. All the kind of articles -and more 🙂 -that were posted on this blog will appear on the new StuffBlogged once its up and running. I thought I’d keep this blog going though to use for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, this blog will serve as a way of letting you know what’s going on in the world of Stuff!

I’ll let you know details of the new StuffShop, that’s on its way, tell you about whats happening with all of Stuff!‘s existing sites-as well as new ones on their way. So it will become the Stuff! blog about Stuff!

I’ll still post a couple of articles like I used to on here every so often-so as other the next couple of weeks before the new StuffBlogged launches.

Right that’s that update sorted, now a quick word in the next post, about StuffShop and how you can win a £10 Argos voucher.


Where are we now?

Hope you are all good today. This post is the last post before StuffBlogged moves over to it’s new domain, but one more post will follow to let you know on here, where the new domain will feature.

As my last post on here, I wanted to recommend David Bowie’s new one, that’s the new the single ‘Where are we now?’. If you haven’t yet heard it, give it a listen below. It’s a great return for David Bowie fans, it’s a brilliant track.

Where are we now, eh? That’s a little apt for this blog, too. I’ll get back to you, next post with the ‘where are we now’ on StuffBlogged, for those that want to follow us to the new blog.

Stuff Blogged Becomes a Dot Commer!

Hi, hope you are all well today. Just a quick note before I go on to say Thank You to the 1P donations that have come through for the POP campaign. If you haven’t got a clue what the POP campaign is, you might like to read this.


So yes. as you know for a couple of months now StuffBlogged has been living at this address:

StuffBlogged has been very happy at this place and would like to thank everyone for reading, viewing, guest posting and commenting on the site, it’s much appreciated. Basically this is to let you know that within the next few days StuffBlogged will be moving to a new address and will be transferring from to

Now I gotta say I love and think it has many great features, and will miss the little guy when StuffBlogged moves (though we will still have other Stuff! blogs on, but it was decided after much thought that with the direction that we are wanting to go with StuffBlogged, it would suit a move to .org, and they have some great features over their too. Thought we’d change the URL on the way as the site goes into a new era.

I’ll post exactly when the change happens, and please I’d love it if you’d like to follow the new StuffBlogged.

Okey-dokey, that’s all from me for a moment, oh and one more thing any feedback you can give for the blog will be appreciated. We’ll keep all the old features and bring in many new ones, so let us know what you think of ’em!