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Top TV & Upcoming Show News

Holby City, David Walliam’s New Sitcom, And A New Red Dwarf Series Update


Top TV

Top episode of Holby City this week, great final scene with Michael Spence showing, with a very hands on approach, why the hospital’s new referral system is not working.

Upcoming Shows

David Waliams In New School Based Sitcom

David Walliams is set to play a chemistry teacher in love with a colleague in this new BBC sitcom, that has a working title of Autumn Leaves. Set in a secondary school, the new comedy is described as being “as if Grange Hill has met Remains Of The Day“. The show is written by Walliams and the Dawson Brothers and will be screened with air with six episodes to start.

Sounds an interesting one, David Walliams has shown himself to be a talented actor and comedian, and with him on board as writer too, sounds like one to watch out for.

BBC1 controller Danny Cohen said on the news of David’s new sitcom, that it was “brilliant to see such a great talent being so passionate about working on the nation’s favorite channel”, which to be fair is a matter of opinion on the ‘nations favorite channel part’, but yes, some fresh comedy on BBC1 in the style of a sitcom, is a good call.

Red Dwarf  Returns

The return date for the latest serious of Red Dwarf has been confirmed as Thursday 4th October on Dave. Great news for fans of the cult sci-fi comedy, and if you have yet to watch the show Dave regularly repeat the old episodes from the long running show, so you can catch up with past episodes.

Neil Armstrong Tribute

Rest In Peace


Neil Armstrong

August 5, 1930- August 25 2012.

Japanese Food-Examples Of Snack Yummyness

I’m a massive fan of Japanese snacks and indeed Japanese cooking in general, and one of the things I try and do is hunt down as much Japanese food as I can. One day I hope to go to Japan and try out all the foods they have to offer their, but for now I use the various websites that sell Japanese snacks and other food ingredients  One thing I have noticed, though, while these Japanese delights are completely worth buying, they can be very expensive if your buying from the UK. You might think that with shipping all the way from Japan to the UK that’s not really surprising, but I have found these foods extra expensive from websites that are based in the UK too. As I say, these Japanese samples of deliciousness are completely worth the money, I definitely recommended them if you have yet to sample them,  but just a little warning on price in case you were not aware. If a company could source Japanese snacks a little cheaper, but still offer high quality service, their is a market for them, as all websites I have used, pretty much end up similar price wise, so theirs room for some competition their.

I’ll be tasting and reviewing various Japanese snacks over coming posts, and if you have tried any of the foods mentioned, or any other Japanese snacks, it would be great to read you thoughts and recommendations too.

I’ll also be reviewing the websites that offer Japanese Snacks and other ingredients for sale.

For now have a good day, and remember their are actually over 100 flavors of KitKat, though in the UK we have seen about 5. Some catching up to do, I think.

Survey Website Review-Rewarded Opinions

These days, their are loads of websites where users can earn some money in exchange for filling in surveys. But you do have to be careful, as some are scams and you won’t earn a penny if you sign up to them. One survey site is the Uk’s Rewarded Opinions (formerly Home of Research).






(Please not this review is for the UK version of Rewarded Opinions. To select the UK site, click the ‘Go to UK site’ button, that can be found on the top corner,   side of the homepage).

First of all, you don’t want to sign up to a website to earn money, and then not get paid do you?

So, do Rewarded Opinions pay?

Thankfully, yes they have a good track record of payments. So far I have come across no issues customers have had with receiving payments, though if you have experienced differently please feel free to let us know. On a personal note, I have successfully received two lots of £20 in the past, so can confirm some payment their.

How often do you receive surveys?

In my experience fairly reguley, but not as regulary as say Toluna (who seem to have multiple surveys sent some days, and usually at least 1 a day!). Though as with most survey websites, how many surveys you receive depend on your profile, what criteria their looking for to take the surveys.

What is the threshold for payment?

About average for these kind of sites: £20-that’s 2,000 points, though if you have earned over that amount you can request that with the £20.

What are the payment options?

Currently Rewarded Opinions offer payment through either cheque or through PayPalUpdate: I noticed the option for payment by cheque seems to have gone now.

How long will it take for the rewards to arrive? 

Redeeming your points for PayPal could take up to 4 weeks, so one of the slower sites to send money out when paying through PayPal, having said that it often doesn’t take 4 weeks, more closer to 2.

Customer service?

No complaints reported yet. But will keep you updated. If you have an issue with your account or something else relating to Rewarded  Opinions you can contact:

Anything else?

If you refer someone to join Rewarded Opinions you get 75 points extra which is a nice feature.

EastEnders: Acting On a Talented Cast

Anyone else really liked this weeks EastEnders offerings so far? I have and I’ll tell you why, its because this week has seen a lot of the character of Jay Mitchell played by the brilliant James Borthwick. It’s great to see more of James’ acting as he does a brilliant job in the show, has that great way of bringing that ‘realistic edge’ to his character.

But theirs another reason that this weeks ‘Enders episodes have been good. One of my favioute characters from the soap is Patrick Truman also played brilliantly, by Rudolph Walker. I worried for some years of EastEnders that his character was becoming massively under used, so it’s great to see him at the forefront of the show this week, and working great with James as their character share some very good scenes together.

I appreciate that in a soap it an be tricky with the cast size and ongoing story lines  to give each character an even show, but I hate to see these great characters, and indeed actors go under used. So, here’s to many more Patrick and Jay scenes, showcasing one of Eastenders strengths; they do have some fine actors working in the show.

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