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StuffBlogged is part of a collection of projects under the Stuff! name. This is the blog for information on what is going on in the Stuff! universe, as well as other articles and features fr you to get stuck into.


If you would like to learn more about Stuff! and it’s projects, including how this blog fits in with them, please see below.


Their are two blogs from Stuff! One is this very blog, Stufffblogged.com. Second their the new Stuff Blog that will be on its way soon.

The difference between the two is primary that Stuffblogged.com will be posting on whats happening around the Stuff company whereas new Stuffblogged is about the articles. 

OK. Now the history.

The History Part

Hi, Ben Stuart here. Incase anyone is interested in the sites history, I have that coming up. If your not interested, please feel free to return to EastEnders. In 2005 I began a blog called Blogged On TV. It was a blog about TV, which was inspired partly by those TV columns you see in newspapers like The Sun and the Daily Mail. I wanted to write a similar column to give my opinion on TV shows, but I thought a lot of the newspaper columnists were a little unnecessarily brutal and rude about stars of the shows, and the programmes themselves, and not giving them enough chance. I also found they seemed to contain an obsession with ‘ fat jokes’, week in, week out. Not only that I noticed how they mostly focused on the mainstream side of TV, so I saw a niche to write about-the specialist subject shows like video game programmes or comic book themed shows (and about how rare these were, and why their should be more), Along with some mainstream TV reporting too, that was Blogged On TV.

I wanted to create a blog version of those columns mentioned, that had the features presented in a ‘fun’ (hopefully!) way, as well as sometimes in a more ‘serious’ way, giving opinions on TV with various forms of media and styles. I also decided I wanted to include other features based around TV, some classic ideas; news, previews and reviews, and some more alternative features, too. I created these using Blogger.

I then decided to take the same ideas to be used with Music, Games, Technology, all with the Blogged On…… name preceding them, and under the Blogger platform (You can still visit these old blogs for old posts, but nothing new will be added to them).

In 2011 I began to use the company name of Stuff! and managed the Blogged On….. series of blogs under this name.
In 2012, I had a layout idea that I wanted to apply to each blog, that would help allow for some new features, and give a layout inline with the companies style. In line with where I wanted to go with the Stuff! projects.

However, despite a long while of trying, it seemed it was not going to work on Blogger. Also, it was discovered that WordPress had some features that I really wanted to integrate in to the blogs. So the Stuff! company switched over to WordPress. Now, where we are at, is that the programming is  underway for the new designs, and it was decided to do the relaunch of the blogs from the Blogged On…… series as non-blog websites, one for each category that used to be covered. This blog which you are on now, StuffBlogged, will post topics that are a mixture of the ones covered by the other websites from Stuff!, along with some more ‘off-topic’ material, that doesn’t have a category of its own. StuffBlogged will also feature shorter articles often, with longer articles appearing on the other mentioned Stuff! websites (generally, doesn’t mean to say things won’t happen vice-versa every so often). As well as having unique content from Stuff!, this blog will also look to reblog and feature al the many great posts that are happening from other people around the world.

Stuff Blogged was launched in mid 2012. It’s aims are to add a ‘colorful spin’ on content featured. The whole ‘colorful content’ idea is really a double meaning catchphrase; colorful as in the font types, images, background, the physical look of the blog-but also colorful to represent, what you could call some ‘quirky’ features: as well as featuring classic article styles every so often there will be some ‘alternative’ styles.

I try to keep this blog as a ‘PG-13’ at the most, rated blog. to use film terminology. If your after something a little more higher rated, then Stuff has a more higher rated themed blog on WordPress.

Thanks To

I’d like to say thanks to the creator of the layout StuffBlogged uses; until the layout especially created on WordPress.org is finished for StuffBlogged I wanted to go with a free layout that helps represent what this blog is about, and adding a nice splash of color to the blog-and this layout Mystic, does that brilliantly.So my thanks to Mystics creator.

Work With Us

There are various ways which we can work with our partners. If you would like to be a partner of this blog or have any other questions or comments, please comment on the blog or email me at benstuart@workmail.com

If you would like to make a guest post for this blog, that would be great. Please contact me with details of the subjects(s) you would like to post on. Almost any subject is allowed, just as long as, you know it’s suitable for this blog. If your topic of choice is something a little more ‘mature only themed’ (posts on strong horror film, strong action film, strong nudity film, etc) then please contact me about posting on StuffOnRatedMature. Here we can cover many topics we do not on StuffBlogged.

The ‘Please Note’ Part 


Your comments are always appreciated, thanks for all of them, so far. Just a few notes to help keep things in line. First, what with the themes and overall ‘certificate’ of this blog, please keep your comments rated on the ‘PG-13’ side. Also, sometimes someone makes a perfectly good and clean comment but their username is a little too rude to publish on this blog. What I would ask, is if you could either change your username to something more appropriate, or I’ll publish your comment but just have to put a little note about the name change and the reasons. If you want to comment and view ‘adult themed content’ visit Stuff on Rated Mature


Please note that all copyright material mentioned on StuffBlogged that I, or the Stuff! company do not own, is complete copyright of its respective owners. All other article content (unless stated otherwise, like a guess post, or a reblog from another website) is copyright of Stuff! 2012.

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