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Golden Galaxy?

Their has been talk of a new phone from Samsung, currently named ‘Golden‘, which is rumoured to be released as early as this November. Now, while I would like to get into the design and specs details, the truth is very little, and I mean very little, is known about this phone.

There are rumors that the phone will have a 5 megapixel camera and that is basically all that seems to be confirmed, despite if the November release date is true, is really not that far off. Though the camera specs could be a helpful detail in that it can help to work out whether we are talking low, mid or high range phone; 5 megapixels is a little low for what Samsung would usually have for a high-end range, so it’s looking likely to be a mid or possibly low-end range phone. That’s a likely case anyway, couldn’t completely rule out a lower spec camera in the high ranged market.

What I was wondering about this Samsung Golden was if it was a Galaxy or not. It would be interesting to have a new Galaxy out. Oh yeah and one more detail has been rumoured too: the Samsung Golden will be available in blue or white, therefore completely ruining my hopes that it could actually be a Golden coloured Galaxy which would look awesome, let’s be honest. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what this new phone is all about when (hopefully) some more details are released soon.

Looks like a great convention.

Gaijin's Dream

Back in high school I had a number of friends who were into video games and anime, and many of them talked about these cool conventions they went to where they would see games and cosplayers and, well, a number of different things. If my memory serves me correctly, I remember one of them told me about how they bought an energy drink named after a classic item from Final Fantasy game series, Pheonix Down. Anyway, I had always thought those conventions were cool and wanted to go to one sometime, but didn’t get a chance until here in Japan. On September 22nd, I went to the Tokyo Game Show.

Quite a doozy for my first one : P

Really though, it was a whirlwind for me. I’ve been to conferences and conventions of other types, and I’ve always heard that trying to get the most out of these types…

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Win The Break Up On DVD

Win thebreak-up on DVD

Today Stuff!Blogged has a new competition for you. The prize is a copy of the 2006 DVD the break-up, staring Jennifer Ainston and Vince Vaugh.

The film tells the story of Brooke Meyers (the lovely Jennifer Ainston) who is not feeling appreciated, but neglected by her boyfriend Gary Grobowski (Vince Vaugh). So Brooke decides to break-up with Gary, hoping to make Gary miss her. Gary misunderstands what her real intentions were and the battle between the two kicks off from here.

For more on the film, see it’s IMDB page here:

To win a copy of the film, all you have to do is tell me which post on StuffBlogged I have hidden the words ”The break- up’ on. It will be written exactly as ‘The break-up’ (without the inverted commas 🙂 ). The first person to post a comment with the correct post title, as a comment under this post, wins the prize. You are allowed to post as many comments with your guess’ as you want, untill the correct one is posted. Messages containing spam though, will not be counted as a competition entry.

If you are a winner, once you are contacted via email confirming this, please email me your full name, postal address (so I can send you your prize) and age. Under no condition will your details be used for any other reason, other than entering this competition. Once the winner has received their prize, their name, age, address and email will be deleted from all records we hold, relating to this competition and the company launching it (Stuff!). Your details will never be passed on to another soul, and that is a promise.

The Terms & Conditions Bit

Entrants must be 12 years of age or over, just because of the DVD having a 12 certificate. Any one anywhere in the world may enter the competition, but please remember the DVD is a region 2 version DVD. If you are a winner, you will be emailed within one week of the competitions closing date. The winner will also be published on this blog (the winner will be named as whatever was used for adding a comment, as part of this competition).  Closing date for the comp is Thursday 14th October 2012. If no one posts the correct answer within that time, the prize will be rolled over to the next competition. So in StuffBlogged‘s next comp the winner would receive this DVD  and whatever the next prize is.

Feel free to add any other comments to this post too, such as feedback on what kind of competitions/what kind of prizes you would like to see on StuffBlogged etc.

What is Word Wrap?

Hello their people. If your not a person, then I really don’t think you should be at the computer. Unless your a monkey, as I have no doubt you can operate any computer, so  in which case continue as you are.

Today I thought I’d give you a random definition of something that might crop up on your computer, and you wonder what it actually  is:



Typing away on your word processor of choice, it’s likely that you might notice the option for Word Wrap. Basically, Word Wrap is the name given to a feature-probably on just about all word processors known to man, women and monkey-that automatically moves a word that is too long  to fit onto one line, so moves it to the beginning of the next line.

It’s one of those features that is a basic option on word processors, but if you think about it, saves us a lot of time having to re- format our work.

Well, that’s all from me now, don’t know about where you are, but it’s the second day of a long downpour of rain as I’m writing this. Which gives me an excuse to leave you with this classic song, that I think of when the long downpours hit:

That, or Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Eh Eh……

The New Game

You might have caught it in the news earlier, that it has been confirmed the Game and Gamestation brands will merge as one-they will become one brand, and it was the Game name they have decided on keeping. Both chains are owned by GAME Retail Ltd, and the merge of the two has begun during this September. This will then carry on through October.


Now, I don’t know about you, but when I heard a few months ago that Game and Gamestation may merge, the thing that I didn’t want to happen was that they would change all stores to Game and carry on as they were before. Because while I liked some things about Game, overall I always thought that Gamestation was the stronger of the two, taking into account before and after they were brought up by GAME Retail Ltd. (I used to like it before Gamestation were brought up by Game and, as I was a regular in both stores, I’d hear staff in Gamestation making the odd snide comment about Game‘s service lacking in some way).  Gamestation‘s deals on new games were usually at least as good as Game‘s, sometimes better, their preowned selection was often better, store layout was often better, and they had that extensive selection of retro that Game didn’t offer (though, unfortunately that got smaller and smaller as time went on), oh yeah and their loyalty card schemes were always better. But most of all what made Gamestation better then Game was the customer service.


Customer Service

I’m sure many staff at Game were gamers, and passionate on the subject, but it didn’t feel that way as much, more like the sales people who come round your houses wanting to do your gardening, your windows etc, you know with a classic line in ‘sales talk’. A lot of time it seemed like they were just saying an opinion on a game based on what they think you want to hear, to have the game sold to you, also compared to Gamestation their knowledge was often lacking. Whereas, over at Gamestation not only could I tell, as a whole they had played the games and knew their stuff (or if they hadn’t they could give an honest opinion), they were usually much more gamer friendly, chatting about games, and it felt the store was more ‘for gamers’, whether casual or hardcore, as well as good for newbies. Game  was like so many other high street stores-with it’s more ‘colder and generic’ layout and service.

Game Improvements

So, those would be the plus points I hope the new Game store will be keeping-essentially stuff from Gamestation. So, maybe it was the Game brand that should have stayed? But it does at least look like they are trying to improve the experience of a Game store with new features, some of you might like these ideas, others not. The new relaunched Game stores will have:

  • A broad range of games for sale
  • The ‘community feeling’ and knowledge that Gamestation was more well-known for then Game
  • Every store will be fitted with free WiFi provided by BT
  • Their will be more interactive store points such as more consoles to try out, and tablets too
  • Their will be a new loyalty card (but I only just got the new Gamestation one 🙂 ) which will combine the previous cards of Game and Gamestation.    An app will be released also, that will give access to the loyalty card offers and promotions available

So, theirs a little update with what’s happening with the new Game, if you visit a new store you can let us know if you think theirs been a good improvement or not.

And whether your shopping for games in Game or not, happy gaming.