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Your Help Wanted:Featured Charities on StuffBlogged

One thing I wanted to do with this blog, along with the sister sites from the Stuff! company, is to try and help to  promote some of the many good causes I think are well worth showcasing. I’ll feature these charities on this very blog, and give you some information on the cause and how you can donate if that is something that you would be interested  in.

I know it’s a bit of a charity cliché, but that because it’s true: it really doesn’t have to be a large amount of money you must donate- every little really does help, it’s not only Tesco that applies too. If you are able to donate larger amounts, then of course that’s fantastic too, but I guess the point I’m trying to make is their is no too little-and some will always be more then none. So, if it’s the case that you would like to donate but do not have lots spare, whatever amount you do will be highly appreciated, it’s all true-every little does add up. Maybe you have just made some purchases on eBay, and have a few pence change, for example, then that would make a great donation. Of course on the other side of things, please never feel guilty if you are unable to donate, we know that not everybody is always able to, and helping charities is not all about the money.

No, it’s not all about the money. Many charities require volunteers to help run their cause, and fundraising events to be organized and where that’s the case I’ll provide information on how people can get involved with that. Another great way you can help the carities are by advertising them further, for example tweeting/ facebooking/ Google plusing, re-blogging etc. Or if you would like to feature it on your own website or email then that would be fantastic.

Donation wise I’ll put up a button on this blog, where users can donate to any of our featured charities if they would like too. If their is a certain charity we have featured that you would like us to donate to, please let us know and we will send it straight too them. However, for any donations where no particular charity is stated, we will share all those donations out equally among all the featured charities.

In the next post I’ll be featuring my first charity pick, Bedrock Radio.

Thannks for your time and have a good-rest-of-the-day!

Faith of a Five Year Old

Faith of a Five Year Old.

Great review of Skyfall from the top blog: A Constant Visual Feast

A Constant Visual Feast

Has the James Bond franchise come full circle? Are we now at a point where there are no more secrets to the world’s most famous globe-trotting, womanizing, martini-guzzling spy? By the time Sam Mendes directs Skyfall, his entry in the half-a-century-old series, to its logical conclusion, we’ve actually experienced cinema of regression, watching as the film delves into the character’s roots before witnessing them burst forth to let their genre heritage flourish. Since Daniel Craig took over star duties in 2006’s excellent Casino Royale, we’ve seen him take Bond from a debonaire MI6 agent to a British cousin of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne; with Skyfall, we come to understand why, and also see Craig assume the traditional mantle we expect him to bear in the role.

The film literally starts with a bang– in fact, several of them. Mendes’ name isn’t one typically associated with high-end…

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A review for Talor Swifts latest album, from the blog Notes on Notes.

Notes On Notes

Taylor Swift – Red



You don’t even have to listen to Red to know that Taylor Swift is trying something new here—just look at the cover. Her name isn’t handwritten. Her face is obscured in shadow. She has bangs. All this screams that the 22-year-old Swift wants to be taken more seriously, and after her dear-diary breakup songs pigeonholed her as an eternal teenager, who could blame her? But as the lead single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” indicates, Swift isn’t ready to give up her bread and butter. Like her other records, Red is mainly packed with songs about regret, heartache and puppy love, her lyrics jumping between poignant, endearingly clumsy and just plain awkward.

Instead, what sets Red apart is how she finally makes the great leap from country to pop, successfully making the crossover like no one since Shania Twain. It’s something Swift…

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Featured Post From CNN: ‘Don’t label people with Down Syndrome’

I thought this post, over on CNN Opinion and written by David .M. Perrry, was a thoughtful and very well-considered article, on the topic of Down Syndrome and the use of labels. Click the link below to read David’s article titled ‘Don’t label people with Down Syndrome‘: