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A good read from ‘the hog father’ blog and if you can help out by supporting the author’s causes he talks about, then I know he would be very grateful.

the hog father

I can’t sleep. It is the early morning hours on New Year’s Eve, 2012. My spirit is troubled — not a negative type of trouble, but a restless kind of troubled.

A new year is about to break forth in the world, in my life — and I can’t help but feel like 2012 is incomplete and 2013 is already slipping from my grasp. There is so much I wanted to carry out that remains a dream — and so much I dream to carry out that remains beyond my grasp.

A former District Superintendent of mine, Dr. Mike Cavin, once challenged us as pastors and church leaders to ask a very telling question. It has remained with me to this day. “What are you willing to attempt in the coming year, that without God’s intervention, will fail.” You see, if we only attempt things we can carry out ourselves…

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I love eating all the Christmas foods including the cakes and pies; Christmas pudding, mince pies, chocolate logs, all great. I’ve seen many people on their blogs sharing their Christmas food creations, and a great (and tasty looking) job you’ve done. Well over Christmas I got to eat many great Christmas foods, and here’s one example below.

This Christmas Chocolate log, created by and credit to Mum was delicious. With its pineapple and blueberry fruity center mixed with the creamy layer, all wrapped into a truly lovely chocoatey sponge, finished off with sprinkling of sweets, this was a great eat. Here’s the pic, just a shame you can’t taste any yourself.

Now this was yummy.

Now this was yummy.

Great list from a great blog:

Funk's House of Geekery

The Hobbit has been welcomed into cinemas almost a full decade after the original trilogy was brought to life, and in that time we’ve re-watched it many, many times and know practically every line and beat of action. The movies are packed with detail and over the years of production a few in-jokes and oddities were slipped in. Find out if there’s anything you missed…

#10 – The Burning Cake

That’s not a metaphor. The massive number of candles adorning Bilbo’s cake during his party leads to the entire prop going up in flames. Watch out for it in the background while Bilbo is making his speech. Ian Holm was doing such a good job they didn’t want to stop him. Also watch for Merry on stage with the band at random points during the party as Dominic Monaghan took it upon himself to play some music during filming. Meanwhile…

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5 Brilliant Singers:#1:Laura Broad

Quick Note About Prefspot Article
By the way, the Perfspot review that I mentioned was to be the next post, a couple of posts back,will be delayed a little, I’m just looking into something relating to the website, and then the post will be on its way soon.


Right, so on with today’s post. Over the coming weeks I’ll be featuring 5 Brilliant Singers. Now there are so many brilliant singers it would be a massive post (and strain on bandwidth) to feature every single one. So I thought I’d start with a set of 5, with one featured each post. The singers have not been selected for making a particular style of music, but are selected based on being exceptional in talent. These talents could be from any where; a YouTube singer, a chart hit, bar singer anything. I’ve taken note of some true greats, and I wanted to share them with you. Let me know what you think of the choices.

Let’s start then, and we start with this very talented lady:

Great Singers #1

Laura Broad

Laura Broad, taken from her performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Eva Cassidy style).

Laura Broad is a superb singer. To describe her style in one word is going to be a little tricky, because as her official page puts it, she is a ‘Versatile Vocalist, Songwriter, Recording Artist’. Take a look at this girl’s catalogue of performances (and I’ll feature a selection throughout this post), and you’ll soon see what they mean. Vocally, Laura can sing pop, dance, something more rocky, jazz, classical, she has a soprano voice too. A large range of styles then, she is no one-trick (singing) pony.

Range-wise, Laura  has proven she can sing low, mid, and high.  I have heard her sing in all these ranges many times whilst watching her YouTube performances, she does each of them very well, but I think one of her particular skills that she can pull off, is with the high notes, and reaching the tricky ones, too. I look forward to whenever she’s doing songs that require a high ranged vocal, it’s because her high notes are so lovely to hear, beautiful would not be an overreaction. Here’s good proof of the notes she can reach, with a cover of this Minnie Ripperton classic:

So yes, Laura has been uploading her performances to YouTube for quite a few years now, and theirs a great range of videos to view and listen too (see below for links). From her early performance, you already have the evidence of a great, strong voice. That voice has continued and grown with all the new performances she’s taken on.

I think the ‘all rounder’ phrase would fit well with Laura in that she can sing the ‘lighter songs’ and make them sound brilliant,  but also conquer those big numbers to a classy standard, showing her strength of voice, range ability, and style versatility. But by saying ‘all rounder’ please do not think I mean she can sing a variety of songs in an OK or average manner, no that would not do her justice. When singing the songs, the songs get done the justice they deserve and then some.

I would recommend going to her official YouTube page (below for link) and seeing what this girl can do. Her vocal is pure, and there are no unnecessary vocal gimmicks, no ‘forceness’, just strong performances and nice vocal licks, that add to the song, not distract from it. To borrow an Official X-Factor Cliché (Louie): she ‘makes the song her own.’

Some of her covers are some of the best versions of the songs I have heard on YouTube or anywhere.

Then theirs the song writing. Laura Broad has written her own material, and done a great job with it too. I like the lyrics, along with her singing and overall arrangement on each one-to be honest, any one of these could, and deserves to be a hit. Have a look at her original songs which include Hit and Run and Paitience , and here’s an example below:

Laura has also took part in many great collabs, at events at many public spots, as well as over on YouTube, and some inspiring group projects such as the YouTube edition of ‘We are the world’. I really love her duets with fellow singer Vo Fletcher too, her voice always seems to lend its self well to other artists vocals, rather than overpower anyone, or not fit with a voice.

It’s nice when you can get to see someones personality come across with the performances, and Laura’s down to earth and warmth  does come through, as she chats about her performances, and gives updates on what she’s up too, during her videos. This all adds to make a great singing package-along with the fact that she sings superb live, too. Yes, if your lucky enough to catch her live, then you’ll be in for a great live treat.

If you already know Laura’s singing you’ll know what I’m talking about with this write-up, if you don’t know Laura’s  music, then why not discover it today. You can soon find all the hard work and effort that’s gone in to her career but the results, her performances show that it’s been well worth it. She has gained many fans and fully deserves all success that has come and further comes her way.  Below are some links to her social media pages. I’m gonna end with a phrase that is probably a little bit cliché these days, but you know what the phrase couldn’t be more accurate for Laura: if theirs one person who deserves success, well it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more talented girl. And you know the thing with clichés? Their usually true-that’s how they became clichés.

Laura Broad’s Official Website:

Laura’s YouTube Channel:

Laura’s twitter:

Laura’s facebook page:

For booking enquires:
07886 033384

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year –And Thanks

Had a few issues getting this post online earlier but here it is now 🙂

First of all I’d like to wish a very Happy Christmas to everyone. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not I wish you all the best for the season and into 2013 as we approach the new year. Speaking of the new year I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who has read/commented/spammed/this blog over 2012, and I look forward to further reading/commenting/spamming in 2013. I really do appreciate all of your reading of this blog, your article contributions and your comments-many thanks.

2013 will see more new projects and articles on their way-details on their way soon-once again have a great time whatever you’re doing.