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Where are we now?

Hope you are all good today. This post is the last post before StuffBlogged moves over to it’s new domain, but one more post will follow to let you know on here, where the new domain will feature.

As my last post on here, I wanted to recommend David Bowie’s new one, that’s the new the single ‘Where are we now?’. If you haven’t yet heard it, give it a listen below. It’s a great return for David Bowie fans, it’s a brilliant track.

Where are we now, eh? That’s a little apt for this blog, too. I’ll get back to you, next post with the ‘where are we now’ on StuffBlogged, for those that want to follow us to the new blog.

Stuff Blogged Becomes a Dot Commer!

Hi, hope you are all well today. Just a quick note before I go on to say Thank You to the 1P donations that have come through for the POP campaign. If you haven’t got a clue what the POP campaign is, you might like to read this.


So yes. as you know for a couple of months now StuffBlogged has been living at this address:

StuffBlogged has been very happy at this place and would like to thank everyone for reading, viewing, guest posting and commenting on the site, it’s much appreciated. Basically this is to let you know that within the next few days StuffBlogged will be moving to a new address and will be transferring from to

Now I gotta say I love and think it has many great features, and will miss the little guy when StuffBlogged moves (though we will still have other Stuff! blogs on, but it was decided after much thought that with the direction that we are wanting to go with StuffBlogged, it would suit a move to .org, and they have some great features over their too. Thought we’d change the URL on the way as the site goes into a new era.

I’ll post exactly when the change happens, and please I’d love it if you’d like to follow the new StuffBlogged.

Okey-dokey, that’s all from me for a moment, oh and one more thing any feedback you can give for the blog will be appreciated. We’ll keep all the old features and bring in many new ones, so let us know what you think of ’em!

Charity Feature: Help a great cause for just 1P!

The Power of a Penny campaign launches today

(Edit: Was to launch yesterday, slight delay getting post up!)

Yes, it’s The Power of a Penny or POP!

So what’s it all about?

So what’s it all about Alfieee? (Sorry).

It’s about asking anyone who has a spare penny  in their PayPal account ( I’ll call it 1P for short, but by that I mean the lowest domination in your country’s money), if they would like to donate to one of StuffBlogged‘s featured charities. The idea is to see how much money we can make for a charity by donating just a 1P (as often as you like!),  throughout the year. The charity that the money is donated to this year, will be Bedrock Radio. This is a charity that receives no funding other than what it makes through donations. To find out more about Bedrock Radio click here, and here’s a link to an earlier post from this blog, on the charity also:

All you have to do is donate 1P, from your PayPal account, by using this PayPal donate button:

or any one found around the blog. If you do this just once then that will be brilliant, it all adds up. If you would like to do it  more than once then that’s great too. I know Tesco said it before me, but every little helps.

Have your website advertised

At the end of each month I’ll put together a post that will list all the people who donated that month (unless you would rather remain anonymous, that is fine) so I can thank them, plus let the charity know of their great gesture. Also, I’ll publish their website link along with their name, if they would like me too, on the post. A bit of free advertising for you too, and a way of saying thanks for the donation. At the end of the year, I’ll also post another thanks list, a round-up of everyone who donated that year, and once again you can have the same (or different) URL published alongside your name too.

So you’ll get to help a great cause in Bedrock Radio, plus advertise your sites for free. Interested? Here’s a more detailed explanation of what you would need to do:

1. First you will need a PayPal account and need to make sure you have at least 1P (or the equivalent in your country’s money,written as £0.01) in your PayPal account. You can use an accepted credit card to pay through PayPal, but some credit cards may query a 1p payment, so I’d recommend paying completely with PayPal if you can.

2. Find a PayPal donate button, anyone on this blog. Give it a click and I’ll take you through the steps.

3. After clicking the button, you should be taken to the first page of PayPal donation.

Don’t worry you haven’t logged into the wrong account if you see the name at the top of the page, it just says Ben Stuart after I set the button up!

In the top box it states the purpose of the donation, and the reference no. Along that row you’ll see the little box for entering your donation amount, to enter the POP! scheme, enter the amount £0.01

Now underneath this page, you’ll see its split up into two sections. The first side is for paying by credit card through PayPal. The second side is for logging in to your PayPal account so you can donate from PayPal. Log in and you will then be taken to the next page

  • Can you see the underlined blue writing that says ‘Add special instructions to seller? Here please could you write ‘Donation for Bedrock Radio PP‘ as this donation button is used for various charities, if you put this I’ll know it’s for Bedrock Radio and the PP will tell me it’s for Power of a Penny Campaign.
  • Underneath the ‘Donation for Bedrock Radio PP‘ please could you put your name, if you would like me to mention it when doing the thanks post, if not  please leave it blank.
  • Then underneath your name please put any of your URL’s you would like me to mention in the thanks post. Any of your website address’ is fine, please just make sure it’s suitable for this blog (ie. no pornographic sites) and no spam. Any inappropriate links will not be able to get listed on the post. If you do not have a website or do not what it featured, please just leave that part blank.
  • Lastly any further messages you want to add can be put in this box. Then all you have to do is click the button at the bottom that says ‘Donate £0.01 Now‘ and your done. And a big thanks, Bedrock Radio will really appreciate it! I’ll collect up all donations at the end of the year and let’s see what we can raise. Many people have a 1p left or spare in their account, unfortunately these days you can’t buy a lot with a penny, but this way it’ becomes  a penny that will really count and add up!

Extra notes:

Of course if you would like to donate more than 1p  in one go,then that would also be great, just follow the same donation steps as above (with whatever amount you want to donate submitted instead of the £0.01), and in the ‘Add Special instructions to seller‘ part please just let me know that the payments for Bedrock Rock. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, and if you are able to share this page through social media, word of mouth, etc, then that would be great so we can raise even more dosh for Bedrock Radio.

A few StuffBlogged Updates

Looking around for some new hosting options for one of the Stuff! sites, for some reason this came to mind:

Chuck Norris doesn’t need a webhost, they come to be hosted by him


Chuck Norris’ website doesn’t need a host, the host needs Chuck Norris.

Er, so anyway in a few hours the campaign which I codenamed The Power of a Penny will be launched here on StuffBloged, along with details on what its about and how you can support it’s chosen charities-with just 1p! Or 2 Cent, whatever is the lowest domination your PayPal account allows you to select, wherever in the world you are. That info arriving soon.

Super Mario As You Have Never Seen Him…..

Take a look at these versions of legendary video game character Mario and co-stars.