A few last updates

If you did miss any of this sites previous updates, the new blog for the Stufforium will be hosted at https://www.stufforum.com/blog

This blog may turn into a new project at some point, or it may be left as an archive for the Stuff! projects blog posts.


The power of a penny (POP!)

One thing that, due to some unfortunate errors within this blog that I was unable to continue as hopped was the POP (Power of a penny) campaign. I never got to thank the last penny donations before this blog became inactive, so I know its very late, but as posting on this blog is fine once again, here’s my thanks to the last of POP:

Many thanks to: Isabelle Smith and Ann Stuart

You donations were passed on to the Bedrock charity.

Interested in taking part in POP? Well. the campaign will be starting up again on the Stufforium blog soon! Thanks, lets help show how even just a penny can so quickly add up, especially with the more who get behind it, to make a difference for many causes around the world.

Lastly, other features that began in this blog as a Stuff! project will be carried on to the new Stufforium blog, features such as the round up of five great singers, that started with Laura Broad and will continue with choice number two. As the features are continued over on the Stufforium blog, we will recap what’s gone on here to help avoid confusion.

As always, let us know all your feedback, and please come and join me over on the Stufforium blog:

Catch you soon, hope you have a great week

-Ben Stuart



About Ben Stuart

Hello I am Ben Stuart I am CEO of the Stuffhere Productions company, and we have a number of blogs here on Wordpress.

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