Super Mario As You Have Never Seen Him…..

Take a look at these versions of legendary video game character Mario and co-stars.

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Seeing as Super Mario is almost 30 years old I thought i’d drum up a small tribute.
Our fave Italian plumber Mario has been drawn too many times to mention.
He usually stays pretty similar to his previous incarnation but sometimes he doesn’t, that is until the millions of Super Mario fans took their own ideas and applied their own little twists.
Here is a collection of great takes on The Super Mario franchise.

So we get into it with this gem from Japan (surprise)

Japanese Super Mario

Brilliant Mario & Luigi Drawing.

Ah, Super Mario Land on the Nintendo Game Boy, neat little finger puppets.

Super Mario Land Toys

Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

Ok so the happy meal one isn’t unseen, but I LOVE THEM!

Mario and the Swine Flu Poster

Mario and the Swine Flu

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  1. Thanks for the repost Ben. Your StuffBlogged idea is awesome! Keep on scouring for the goodies. RRB

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