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The Hobbit has been welcomed into cinemas almost a full decade after the original trilogy was brought to life, and in that time we’ve re-watched it many, many times and know practically every line and beat of action. The movies are packed with detail and over the years of production a few in-jokes and oddities were slipped in. Find out if there’s anything you missed…

#10 – The Burning Cake

That’s not a metaphor. The massive number of candles adorning Bilbo’s cake during his party leads to the entire prop going up in flames. Watch out for it in the background while Bilbo is making his speech. Ian Holm was doing such a good job they didn’t want to stop him. Also watch for Merry on stage with the band at random points during the party as Dominic Monaghan took it upon himself to play some music during filming. Meanwhile…

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  1. Love it! So geeky but I loved it…. So I must be a geek lol.

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