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Well I have to tell you I am WAY behind with comments but I have been keeping up with all of your blogs.

You would think that as I’m not studying (instead waiting for exam results) that I would have all of this time on my hands.  Well I do, kind of, except I’ve filled it with stuff.  As you do 😆

Certainly I have time to do things that I wouldn’t normally do.  Wonderful things like meet up with my pal Jeannie and – wait for it – KNIT!

Yes I have been knitting.

Now you would think I would just get a pattern and get right on with it.  Me, well I wouldn’t normally think about knitting at all you see.  Then I noticed this little tweet thing on Twitter.  It was called Twit Knit and it was started by a lady who thought it would be good…

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Hello I am Ben Stuart I am CEO of the Stuffhere Productions company, and we have a number of blogs here on Wordpress.

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  1. Ben thank you. I’m so delighted to dicover that you chose to re-blog this post. Thank you for reading my blog and your for your positive support.

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