7 Handy Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts


Like with past Windows versions before it, Windows 7 has some very handy keyboard shortcut keys. Many of these will speed up navigation, as you switch from one programme to another. In honor of this Windows version number we’re focusing on for this post, here are 7 handy Windows 7 shortcut keys, with speeding up navigation in mind:

(‘Win’ refers to the Windows key on your keyboard. Please note all these shortcuts involve holding down the Win key with other keys, so if you don’t have the Win key-well you might be using a Mac! Or somehow you lost it, in which case you might want a new one. But either way none of these shortcuts will work without it).

  1. Win+T= This will allow you to scroll through the row of taskbar icons (each time you tap ‘T’, it will scroll further along the taskbar) however it will not open the window. As you scroll through it will show a small pop up preview box of what that window contains.
  2. Win+(1-9)= Another way to navigate through the taskbar icons is using the number keys(1-9); where 1 is to highlight the first icon, 2 the second, etc. To do these hold down the Win key and press the desired number, in relation to the icon you want to highlight. Again, this only highlights the icons, it does not select them
  3. Win+E= A short cut to open Computer on Windows Explorer
  4. Win+D= Press once to minimize everything and go to your desktop, press again to return to where you were.
  5. Win+M= Another way to minimize all windows is by holding down Win and pressing ‘M’. Unlike Win+D, pressing Win+M a second time will not bring the screen off the desktop.
  6. Win+up/down arrows= If you press Win+up arrow key you can maximize any window. If you then were to press Win+down arrow the window would be restored. Pressing Win+down again would minimize it. Or imagine that in reverse order.
  7. Win+R= A quick way to open the Run box.

That’s it for now. Perhaps I’ll be back with 8 Handy Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts soon (though with the brand new Windows interface for this version, the shortcuts are going to be a little different.)


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