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When you sit down to play a game, you never think that you might end up in tears. As games get older, technology gets better and so does the production of characters and storylines. They have improved so much that gamers actually get upset if a character dies in a game, just like in a movie. It seems as if time goes on, video games are beginning to dethrone movies as the king of motion pictures.

According to NPD, 63% Americans have played a video game in the past six months. While that level of penetration does not begin to compete with music listening, which is nearly universal – 94%, it exceeds the percentage of U.S. consumers who report going out to the movies. There have been many video games that have been turned into movies such as, Street Fighter and Silent Hill and it seems as if game…

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  1. I meant to reblog this for our sister blog Stuffonratedmature, but good to have the article too. As this is not on Stuffonratedmature, some may find the video a little scary/gory/ heavy rainey.

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