Golden Galaxy?

Their has been talk of a new phone from Samsung, currently named ‘Golden‘, which is rumoured to be released as early as this November. Now, while I would like to get into the design and specs details, the truth is very little, and I mean very little, is known about this phone.

There are rumors that the phone will have a 5 megapixel camera and that is basically all that seems to be confirmed, despite if the November release date is true, is really not that far off. Though the camera specs could be a helpful detail in that it can help to work out whether we are talking low, mid or high range phone; 5 megapixels is a little low for what Samsung would usually have for a high-end range, so it’s looking likely to be a mid or possibly low-end range phone. That’s a likely case anyway, couldn’t completely rule out a lower spec camera in the high ranged market.

What I was wondering about this Samsung Golden was if it was a Galaxy or not. It would be interesting to have a new Galaxy out. Oh yeah and one more detail has been rumoured too: the Samsung Golden will be available in blue or white, therefore completely ruining my hopes that it could actually be a Golden coloured Galaxy which would look awesome, let’s be honest. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what this new phone is all about when (hopefully) some more details are released soon.


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