Looks like a great convention.

Gaijin's Dream

Back in high school I had a number of friends who were into video games and anime, and many of them talked about these cool conventions they went to where they would see games and cosplayers and, well, a number of different things. If my memory serves me correctly, I remember one of them told me about how they bought an energy drink named after a classic item from Final Fantasy game series, Pheonix Down. Anyway, I had always thought those conventions were cool and wanted to go to one sometime, but didn’t get a chance until here in Japan. On September 22nd, I went to the Tokyo Game Show.

Quite a doozy for my first one : P

Really though, it was a whirlwind for me. I’ve been to conferences and conventions of other types, and I’ve always heard that trying to get the most out of these types…

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