What is Word Wrap?

Hello their people. If your not a person, then I really don’t think you should be at the computer. Unless your a monkey, as I have no doubt you can operate any computer, so  in which case continue as you are.

Today I thought I’d give you a random definition of something that might crop up on your computer, and you wonder what it actually  is:



Typing away on your word processor of choice, it’s likely that you might notice the option for Word Wrap. Basically, Word Wrap is the name given to a feature-probably on just about all word processors known to man, women and monkey-that automatically moves a word that is too long  to fit onto one line, so moves it to the beginning of the next line.

It’s one of those features that is a basic option on word processors, but if you think about it, saves us a lot of time having to re- format our work.

Well, that’s all from me now, don’t know about where you are, but it’s the second day of a long downpour of rain as I’m writing this. Which gives me an excuse to leave you with this classic song, that I think of when the long downpours hit:

That, or Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Eh Eh……


About Ben Stuart

Hello I am Ben Stuart I am CEO of the Stuffhere Productions company, and we have a number of blogs here on Wordpress.

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