Chubby Cheeks

While we were on the subject of childhood, what is it with this timeless activity, that does seem to be past  on from generation to generation, which often involves a usually respected member of the community. The one where when ever we see a baby we have an urge, which usually can not be fought, to place one of our own hands, on each of the baby’s cheeks, gentley press said cheeks forward, like an ‘exaggerated kiss’ and utter the words (usually in a dodgy voice) “chubby cheeks”. Who, and at what time was this tradition started (and……why?) It had to of begun somehow. Who was the first person to go up to a baby, squidge their cute cheecks and say “Chubby Cheeks”. What is this practice supposed to achieve and why is it so popular with members of this world? If in the street, I went up to my friends wife, placed one of my hands on each side of her face, pressed them forward, put a voice on and said “Chubby Cheeks”, her husband would probably knock me out. In fact the wife would probably too.


About Ben Stuart

Hello I am Ben Stuart I am CEO of the Stuffhere Productions company, and we have a number of blogs here on Wordpress.

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