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Here at StuffBlogged we like to point out any issues where companies have been misleading or not made something very clear with their offers or services. Which brings me onto


The Future’s Brighter If Companies Stop The Misleading Advertising

Currently on their is a good offer on cashback for signing up to an Orange broadband package, for new customers. If you sign up through topcashback, you’ll get £70.70 (intresting amount), but you do not get the £40 Tesco or Marks and Spencers vouchers that you would normally get for signing up to Orange broadband. £70.70 cashback is a fair deal, (although with the amount these companies make, they could still offer the £70.70 and the vouchers) I just didn’t think it was made clear anywhere on Orange‘s or top cashback‘s website. Or when I phoned Orange up mentioning about wanting both the cashback and the vouchers to see if they offered both, they never said they didn’t. If you have seen a misleading deal feel free to share on the blog.


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