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Council Out The Interfering


Is anyone else as fed up as me (or you may have reached the stage of fed up sometime ago on this subject) with the councils up and down the country interfering with, and acting like, complete killjoys, on subjects they could just leave well alone. Now before I go on, to all those at the councils that are doing your job and looking into worthwhile issues, these complaints are not aimed at you-but theirs to many that are not going about their job as a council member properly, you only have to read a random issue of The Sun and it’s likely their be a similar story to the one this post is about.

There are many examples of these kind of stories, and I have some personal feelings on this one with council members where I live, which I’ll get to in another post. But a recent example is the story I read in today’s copy of The Sun about painter Angus Macaskill. If you didn’t catch it in the paper, read the online version here:


Great work Angus, those paintings are brilliant. Here’s a man using his skill and imagination in such a good way and we have the council stepping in to interfere. One neighbour complained, about Angus’ paintings-why I don’t know-and now his been made to take the paintings down. As I say, I do not know why the neighbour complained, but one thing I do know is this story is yet another example of the council getting involved when not exactly needed. The council should be encouraging people using their talents like this, and brightening up the houses across the country, adding an artistic flair. After all the council like to put up statues, using the publics money, that the public often object too. If we are going to have a council, then could they not concentrate on stopping things that are far more important to be stopped.

A spokesperson for the council had this to say:

“The property is a listed building and the development is out of character”

Out of character. Not out of character for the council to act like this though -they do it so much. Theirs so often a story along these lines.

Well I hope that the council will see the error of their ways and allow Angus back his paintings on his own home. Then maybe the council could find something more useful to spend their time on. Yeah, and we should have a say in this of course, because remember who pays council members wages.

What I think are great about these murals from Angus in particular, is how they capture genuinely historic and iconic images-so what a fitting idea for art in a neighborhood  surely. And I’d also like to point out that Angus’ paintings are attached to MDF, not even painted directly onto the house, so even if the fact that it was a listed building (still Angus’ listed building) meant the council could say no paintings are allowed on it, these are on wood, not directly on the house. This is the thing, in England, you can own a home, have a mortgage’s for example, but it’s hard to completely own a home with the council: they seem to own a share of it themselves.


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