Photo Collection 1: Kaley Cuoco




Sometimes it’s nice to view collections of photos isn’t it? Well photo collections will be a regular feature on this blog. But, you know how certain celebrities have photos featured in the media, particuley magazines and websites, much more then others? Well, why those celebrities are likely to be featured on this blog, part of the plan s also to feature those that are not so often on the photo sections of media. The blg won’t just be featuring humans by the wa with it’s photos, they could be animals such as a collectionof toger pics, cartoon characters, or food for example. They might be in black and white, coloured, small, giant or somewhere in between. They might be fan pics that I or someone else has created (don’t worry will get permission to use them first-always!), they could be in the form of a gallery or a slideshow or other ways.

So let’s get this show (blog post) on the road with the first featured photo collection, the lovely Kaley Cuoco.



Kaley Cuoco


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