Japanese Food-Examples Of Snack Yummyness

I’m a massive fan of Japanese snacks and indeed Japanese cooking in general, and one of the things I try and do is hunt down as much Japanese food as I can. One day I hope to go to Japan and try out all the foods they have to offer their, but for now I use the various websites that sell Japanese snacks and other food ingredients  One thing I have noticed, though, while these Japanese delights are completely worth buying, they can be very expensive if your buying from the UK. You might think that with shipping all the way from Japan to the UK that’s not really surprising, but I have found these foods extra expensive from websites that are based in the UK too. As I say, these Japanese samples of deliciousness are completely worth the money, I definitely recommended them if you have yet to sample them,  but just a little warning on price in case you were not aware. If a company could source Japanese snacks a little cheaper, but still offer high quality service, their is a market for them, as all websites I have used, pretty much end up similar price wise, so theirs room for some competition their.

I’ll be tasting and reviewing various Japanese snacks over coming posts, and if you have tried any of the foods mentioned, or any other Japanese snacks, it would be great to read you thoughts and recommendations too.

I’ll also be reviewing the websites that offer Japanese Snacks and other ingredients for sale.

For now have a good day, and remember their are actually over 100 flavors of KitKat, though in the UK we have seen about 5. Some catching up to do, I think.


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