Lord Alan Sugar & Tulisa Twitter ‘War of Words’. +: Too May ‘Tweetsults’

 Lord Alan Sugar And Tulisa Twitter ‘War of Words’


With this blog I don’t plan on making it all celebrity gossip and commenting on every move Angilina Jolie or Katie Price make, there are plenty of gossip websites that do that kind of thing well. There are plenty of magazines that do too. But this celeb story I did feel I’d like to write a little bit on. Also, I wanted to explore  twitter feuds in general, which is what this celeb-based story is about. A little on the way twitter allows us to see feuds, in a modern (140 characters or less) way. Like many others during the later part of last week, I saw a ‘war of words’, if that’s what you want to call it, break out between Tulisa and Lord Allan Sugar on my twitter feed (as I follow both).

Before I go on, I would like it to be noted that while I am a Tulisa fan, I have in some forms also been a Lord Alan fan to, and I am in no way being bias towards either, this is just my opinion on the subject of their twitter based exchanging of words. And I do feel an extra wanting to stick up for Tulisa, as this girl seems to get far more stick then she deserves, but she has a good attitude against it, so good on her. In fact, I have to say I really like her attitude when ever I hear her speaking, when she’s making a public speech on something.

One of the times I grew to admire something Tulisa showed in her character, was with the sex tape thing. No, before you think I’m making a joke let me explain. What I liked about the whole thing, was how Tulisa dealt with it. As expected in the media, a lot was made of the whole sex tape thing, with many people commenting on the video itself and indeed Tulisa’s ex who leaked it, but what I thought was massively lacking, was commentary on how well Tulisa her self handled the whole thing-credit on how to handle yourself when you’re a famous media figure, and indeed to handle the issue in general.

Now I had not seen the tweets from last year, but Tulisa also mentioned Lord Alan had been having a go at her then to. So here’s how it all started this time around:

Sugar Quote:

“Can you tell me who the hell this Tulisa bird is on X Factor, she’s in the celeb section of The Sun and Mirror every day. What has she done?”

Sugar Quote:

He added: “This Tulisa talks nonsense on X Factor, what qualifications does she have to judge singing talent. Please advise where I am missing the point.”

Tulisa Quote:

“As someone that came from nothing to something maybe u should have a little more respect for people that have done the same. “I have grafted from the age of 11 with my band NDUBZ, we wrote & produced all our music, sold 3 platinum albums, 3 sell out tours, the last being an arena tour & a number 1 debut album! I have worked my bloody ass off!

Tulisa Quote: So mr lord of judgement – stick to judging on The Apprentice & I’ll stick to what I know MUSIC #itsaNOfromme.”

Tulisa Quote:She later wrote to her followers: Soz bout that tweet peeps. But that t**t has been bad mouthing me since last year! Who watched XF? Some amazing talent this year right?”

Sugar Quote: He replied: What do you know? That is the point. Don’t insult me by comparing my humble beginnings with yours.”

Sugar Quote: Sugar also insisted that he is “the first to recognize talent”, adding: “She has none.”

 Me Quote: Sorry, but she does have talent, can be shown in variety of ways, but just to prove with a video: 

Remember the quality of the video is not 100 perfect quality, in real life Tulisa sounds even better, (I know I do sound like I’m being bias towards her, but this really just happens to be my honest opinion), just the best version of the video I could find. But thanks to the YouTube uploader I could at least show part of the point:Tulisa has talent.  



Random Tulisa Pic


Random Lord Alan Sugar Pic.
Though He Is Pointing In A Lot
Of Photos.

I know who I’d rather sing to me. I’ll tell you why what Lord Alan Sugar said is particularly out-of-order. Now he said himself he does not know Tulisa, or her background, so…… well if you don’t know that how can it be fairly commented on. Those who do know Tulisa’s background to some extent that she has spoken about, can see that his comments are unjustified and indeed especially out-of-order in nature, just wholly unnecessary really. Also before making remarks about someone’s background that he admittedly knows nothing of, did he not think of google.  I thought M.r Sugar would know better than to comment on a background he doe not know about as it, seems like the kind of thing he would tell a contestant on The Apprentice not to do.  I’ve seen him on may chat shows and he often comes across well, after a good decent business perspective that’s fair, he shows a good sense of humor and quite down to earth.  I found him refreshing on The Apprentice as I thought when deciding if people should stay or be fired, he did not just go only by qualifications, like so many other companies have. Unfortunately, since he became a tweeter, not all these good attributes have made themselves so clear. His come out with some good stuff too, and I don’t expect all tweets from one person always to be of a liking. I’m very sure some of my followers won’t like all my tweets, for example, I’d be more surprised if they did. While I certainly realise I can not guarantee no offence to everyone, I do want to do my best to not cause any unfair and unnecessary offense. It’s just when many of some tweeters are insulting in an unfair, and you know ‘go over the line’,  it does begin to great.

Too Many ‘Tweetsults’

An example of this would also be with what a certain Frankie Boyle uses his twitter for. I guess you get to learn more of a celebrities personality, which can be great, but sometimes your disappointed in another way, when they don’t tweet the kind of  things that got you into being a fan in the first place. Ofcourse knowing the material M.r Boyle produces on TV, it’s likely his bad-taste tweets won’t come as much of a surprise then say another celebrity who is not known for such material but tweets some offensive stuff.

Tulisa sets a good example to Lord Alan Sugar

Now I often hear people saying how ‘the younger generation do this, they do that’ and ‘it’ s all the younger generation’s fault’ you know that kind of thing, but look at this case, I think it’s 24-year-old Tulisa who comes of better than 65-year-old Lord Alan Sugar. Of course, I don’t expect Lord Sugar, Tulisa or anyone to be perfect, God knows I’m not (about as near to perfect as I am to finding a real Golden ticket in my next Wonka Bar), but the point of this post, was, as well as to comment on, use this Tulisa and Lord Alan Sugar story to highlight some points about how their seems to be so many less than positive insults, but also essentially unnecessary ones, flying (being tweeted) around.

Have you ever thought about how twitter has allowed us to do something we couldn’t do, well say just a couple of years ago really (twitter began in 2006, a little after, it really began to pick up a lot more users)- the ability to watch feuds unfold between celebrities in real-time (depending on your connection speed). Now this is not necessarily a great thing. Sometimes it can be entertaining to read, you know there are some more jokey sort of rivalries between celebrities, more light-hearted that can be a laugh. When some go serious though, we get to see sides to celebrities we may of never witnessed on TV, or which ever media they feature in. An example of this is Ricky Gervais and his tweets.

 When ever Ricky Gervais is on say a chat show, like The Jonathan Ross Show (which is very often) you don’t see Ricky having a go at the audience and been rude to them, calling them certain names, just because he doesn’t share his opinion with you. But guess what Ricky does on twitter? That’s right, have a look at his past tweets, though that’s if your quick enough, as I noticed they sometimes get deleted, before long. For me, Ricky crosses a line. For many of you I’m sure that’s not the case. But for me he crosses ‘that line’ (why do we even call it that) and not just on rare occasions either. His often sending messages in reply to users on twitter, that while some might find them a bit of fun, I can completely understand while others would take offence. It’s like some people have just taken to twitter, to use it to insult people unfairly. Now was that what the website was made for? I’m glad to say, some people though, use it brilliantly.  Now I followed Ricky Gervais on twitter because I’m a big fan of the work he does, such as his brilliant collabs with Stephen Merchant on The Office and Extras, which happen to be, and once again I’m not just saying this, it just happens to be the truth, two of my all time favorite shows. I was hoping that as well as getting to know him a bit more personally through the media of twitter, I’d get to see tweets about his latest projects and questions answered about his classic shows, you know that kind of thing. It’s a shame then, that most of the tweets he does produce, and I read  a lot of his, are, well for me on the offensive side, and often contradictory: he may express how he does not think its right (usually not very politely) to be rude about someone just because they do not share the same opinion, but the man does the exact thing himself. The funny thing is, if he called people what he does on twitter in the street or on one of his TV shows, I don’t think that would go down very well.

To be fair, sometimes the problem with sites like twitter, is you do not know with what tone something was meant, and maybe sometimes it comes across wrong. Many times though, from what someone has later said, like in our ‘case study’ (I have no idea where I’m getting these words from) Ricky Gervais, has later said, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

My point? Well, twitter has been brilliant in that it has allowed us to get that bit closer to the celebrities we admire, where we can send them fan messages, we can get nice tweets to them, and if we are lucky we can get nice tweets back. The flip side of this is some people send not very nice messages, or some people choose to give not very nice messages back, both of which applies regarding celebrities and non-celebrities. And of course the big problem with twitter, and I’ll be planning to go into this much more in future posts as I think it’s very important, is those who go too far with their comments on twitter; you might call them trolls, bullies, all of them  who are ruining twitter for the rest of others. Because of the likes of these, people have had to endure all sorts of rubbish which is just not on and the more of these that can be stopped, the better standard of conversation twitter will truly have. Freedom of speech is of course important-their should be freedom of speech on twitter but not freedom to act in the disgraceful way, like some do.

So why I’m not for a minute trying to blame all celebrities who make rude/unfair/offensive comments for this bad behaviour examples that have been happening on twitter, celebrities have the chance to set a better example, don’t they? And because I think we get enough uncalled for insults/other offensive behavior from the bullies that ruin tweets, lets not have them added too.

I have some more posts relating to twitter, but for now I’d like to leave you with the profile of this twitter guy:


Certainty has his twitter heart in the right place. Have a good day everyone.


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